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Project ID 00069240




Project ID: 00069240
Project Name: Strengthening National and Local Capacities for Disaster Response and Risk Reduction Project
Corporate thematic area: Crisis Prevention and Recovery
Status: Ongoing
Start date: Dec-2008
Expected end date: Dec-2012
Geographic coverage: Nationwide
MYFF Service Line:

4.2 Recovery

4.5 Natural disaster reduction

Project document (or reference to relevant CPAPs/AWPs): 00069240 - project document, awp2011, awp2010, awp2009_initial_plan
Major source of funding  
Total budget: USD 341,450
UNDP: USD 341,450
Total spent in 2011 USD 51,279
Total spent to date (up to Dec 2011) USD 269,918
Partners on the ground  
National Executing Agency/Implementing Partner and National Project Director: Office of the President / Civil Defense Commission | Mr. Chubilall Ramsarup (Col. Ret'd)
(or) UN Executing Agency/Implementing Partner and Chief Technical Advisor:  
(or) Implementing NGO and its Project Manager:  
UNDP Program Officer  
Name: Ms. Patsy Ross
Email address: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Outcome and Outputs  
UNDAF Outcome(s):

Outcome #1: By 2010 there will be at least a 10 percent increase in the proportion of Guyanese accessing quality services in education, health, water and sanitation, and housing with capabilities enhanced to maximize available opportunities


Outcome #3: Poverty reduced to 28% through stimulation of growth and job creation


Expected Outcome(s):

National and local expertise developed, covering disaster- preparedness planning and mitigation of risks and vulnerabilities with specific attention to gender


Expected Output(s): 1.    Strengthen response capacities
2.    Risk and Vulnerability Assessment
3.    Early Warning
4.    Coordination support
5.    Communication strategy 
6.    South-South Cooperation

Additional Information  
Announcement, press release etc. none



"The Guyana Millennium Development Goals (MDG) Progress Report 2011 is a key monitoring instrument to access various socio-economic policies.  The overall aim of the Report is to track and analyse the country's progress towards the achievement of the MDGs, but on a wider level, it serves as a report on national efforts to reduce poverty.  The findings of the Report are expected to influence Government processes, decision-making and resource mobilization and allocation efforts.  Furthermore, the key findings as a means to both enlighten and heighten development discussions among all national stakeholders, including Guyana development partners."


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“The advantage of economic growth is not that wealth increases happiness, but that it increases the range of human choice.”1 These words were written in 1955 by Arthur Lewis, a Caribbean scholar and Nobel laureate in economics who made an important contribution to the development debate and development policy in the Caribbean and elsewhere. It is a profoundly people-centred approach to economic growth that prefigured the later debates on human development.


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